The Quartix weekly report offers you key information relating to each vehicle on a weekly basis and is an essential report which you can have emailed direct to the key departments within your business:

  • Accounts for invoicing

  • Fleet managers for an overview

  • Individual drivers for the separation of their business and private mileage and trip review

What the Weekly report will show you

This is an Excel based emailed report which is generated per vehicle once a week. This is available to all Quartix customers and is activated when your account is set up to send every Sunday, although you can customise the send date as you wish to tie in with your working week. The key areas the Weekly reports cover are:

Vehicle management Summary

From your estimated odometer readings to your MOT due date, this summary provides the recipient with vital vehicle management info to ensure those important dates are not missed!!

Weekly summary tab

Provides you with an overview of your vehicles activity over the last 7 days, covering areas such as:

  • Total travel time

  • Total distance (miles)

  • Fuel consumption (mpg)

  • Expected Fuel used (gals & litres)

  • Business & private mileage

Individual daily summary tabs

A breakdown of each day reporting on detailed trip and summary information

Report on business & private mileage

Mark your private trips up using the weekly vehicle report which can aid your drivers and accounts team when calculating expenses and separating business mileage from private. When marked up, additional parameters are added to your weekly summary tab and also the individual day log on your report.

Weekly summary

Daily log (tab)

For more information on how to manage your private/business mileage using this report please visit the 'How-to' section for more information.

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