There is nothing worse than losing or forgetting a password and not being able to access your information when you need to. By accessing the Quartix website you can now request a reset link at any time to get you back tracking your fleet.

Requesting your reset link could not be easier, simply head to https://www.quartix.com/en-gb/ and click on the 'Sign In' option which is located in the top right of the page.

Once selected, you will be taken to your customer sign in screen, as shown below. 

From here click on the green link 'I forgot my password'

Password reset request

Once you have selected the forgot password link you will be presented with the below screen, populate these fields with the requested information and click on 'Send email'

When you click on send email, you will be sent an email. Click on the link within this email to reset your password. The link is valid for 7 days and can only be used once.

Experiencing issues?

Some of the common queries which have been raised are covered below:

'Could not find match for email address': This is prompted when the email being entered is not linked to the access details being reset or the email being entered has been duplicated against multiple user access details.

In such instances you will need to email Support@quartix.com confirming your access details and the email address which should be linked them. Our team will update your account so you can use this feature in the future.

  • No email received: The reset email cannot be seen in your main Inbox

The reset emails are sent from support@quartix.com and contain a link within the body of the email. This means they can often be blocked by IT servers or email defenders/scanners. Such emails can also be diverted automatically into folders set with rules or diverted into Junk/spam. Ensure you check all of these options before contacting support.

  • 'Invalid link - This link has expired: This can be caused when the reset link is double clicked or the valid time of 7 days has elapsed.

Try the reset password procedure again and if you continue to be prompted with this message contact our technical support team on support@quartix.com

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