The Quartix privacy application allows you to control your vehicles tracking hours at short notice with a click of a button. This feature is a web based tool which can be accessed on our website under the Sign in section and is labelled as 'Privacy Mode'.

Logging in

Once you have clicked on this option you will be presented with the below login access screen.

Enter the login details you have been provided and click 'Sign in'. Once logged in you will see the available options relating to the vehicle selected from the drop box at the top of the page.

The below example is how your options would look if you have set monitoring times applied

Understanding your options

1. Vehicle selection: If your access is set up to see multiple vehicles you can extend this field to select from your list.

2. STOP TRACKING: Only applicable when your unit is in tracking mode, your default options available are, stop for 1 hour or until the end of the day (midnight). Selecting this will stop tracking data being recorded until the selected option has been met or until you have selected TRACK or SCHEDULED TRACKING. Only mileage will be recorded whilst tracking is stopped.

3. TRACK: This option will be available when you are in either 'STOP TRACKING' mode or outside of your 'SCHEDULED TRACKING' time. The same options for tracking whilst coming out of either one of these modes are available. You can track for 1 hour or until the end of the day (midnight).

4. <<SCHEDULED TRACKING>>: This will tell you when any scheduled tracking times are due to start. You can also select this option when you are in 'TRACK' or 'STOP TRACKING' mode outside of you monitoring hours to return to your scheduled times.

When would you use this?

This feature is most beneficial when your drivers need to stop or enable tracking at short notice. For example, if your driver needs to complete a short notice private trip within business hours or if your driver needs to attend an 'on call' visit.

Not able to access this when signed in?

In order to gain access to this feature and manage your vehicle(s) monitoring times your master admin user will need to allow this. Speak with your administrator who will be able to help you further.

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