Plug and Track Installation Option

Installation of your new Plug and Track device could not be easier. Once you have located the OBD port in your vehicle using our OBD locator tool simply follow your quick reference installation guide below.

This device is only available to our UK customers.

Plug & Track quick installation guide (pdf)

Adding your newly tracked vehicle online

To add the new installation to your online tracking you will need to e-mail our Systems Support team the below information.

  • Vehicle registration

  • Vehicle description

  • Unit serial number (SN:6-digit number)

Once our team have processed your request, your vehicle will show online where data will report immediately, confirmation will also be sent by reply.

Low battery & Disconnection alerting

In addition to the tracking of your vehicle online you can also set up the below fleet alerts:

  • Low battery alerts: Your tracking device is dependent on power from your vehicles battery. Should the power drop below a certain voltage it may impact the trackers ability to operate. The low battery alert is sent should the voltage fall below 11.1 volts, after being above 11.6 volts

  • Disconnection alerts: Due to the plug and track nature of this device it does mean the unit is easily accessible within the vehicle. Setting up disconnection alerts will ensure you are notified when your device is plugged in, unplugged or if it detects vehicle movement with the ignition off

Alerts can be set up to send via e-mail and/or SMS and can be set to send to multiple recipients where required.

Currently, these alerts are only set up on request. If you would like to activate these on your plug and track devices please email your request to prior to, or after installation if you are in the UK. 

For our US customers email confirmation of the details to

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