When it comes to plugging in your portable tracker you will need to locate the OBD port within your vehicle(s). The location of this port does vary from vehicle to vehicle.

If you need help locating your OBD port use our OBD locator tool

By selecting your vehicle manufacturer you will then be presented with additional filters to identify your vehicles model/size to ensure the correct results are returned. Once the results are available you will be shown a picture and description of where the OBD port is located. An example of a result is shown below.

Vehicle not listed?

In the event your vehicle is not listed in our OBD locator tool you will either need to refer to your vehicle booklet or contact your manufacturer. For our continued management of this database and to offer our customers the best service possible please e-mail details of any port locations not shown into support@quartix.net for UK customers/vehicles and systemssupport@quartix.com for US customers/vehicles.

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