The Time on site allows you to run a report to see when and how often a vehicle has visited a specific location. It looks for any "stopped with ignition-on" or "ignition off" events within a customised radius up to 5 miles (8.04 km) around a specified location.

The location search can be run on an address, postcode or a customised location. 

Locating your Time on site online

The 'Time on site' report can be run online by using either your user or administration login details and can be located under the 'Fleet Management' section from your application menu when logged in.

Running your time on site by postcode area

When selected you will be presented with the Quartix search box where you will be able to input your search criteria, as shown below.

  • Group: Allows you to run the report for a specific group of vehicles or this can be used to narrow down your vehicle search if you are running this for a single vehicle

  • Vehicle: Run for all vehicles in a specified group or select an individual vehicle

  • Address: Postcode the search is to be based on

  • Location Radius: Search radius up to a maximum of 5 miles

  • Start Date: Search start date entered manually or by selecting the calendar

  • End Date: Search end date entered manually or by selecting the calendar

You can run this report against data online for just over 12 months. Dependent on the time period and the number of vehicles your search is set to run against the report may take a short time to populate online. Your results will be populated in a table format as shown below:

You can click on any location listed in your report which will take you through to the route map and the trip where the event was recorded and you can zoom in and out as you wish to get a closer look .

Note: The results of any stopped with ignition on events will be based on your units configured stop time. By default, your stop time will be set at 2 minutes which will only return any stops which have a duration of 2 minutes or over. Any stops under this threshold will not show. If you have customised your stop time at any time you will need to take this into account when viewing the results.

Running your Time on site by customised location

If you already have your frequently visited locations saved as customised locations you can base your search on these, rather than by postcode. The process is similar to the above with only a single exception. When you are inputting your search criteria into the website, simply leave the 'Address' field blank and click 'View time on site'.

This time, when you select 'View time on site' you will be shown the below drop box option which contains all of your customised locations. When you select a location from the list the time on site report will start your search.

Once your search is complete the results now shown in the table will be based on your customised location along with any other location with your specified radius. This will be confirmed in the notes section located to the right of the report.

Exporting your results

If you choose to export your results, you can do this by clicking on the export button located towards the top right of the report (shown above as a downwards arrow to a drive). Once selected, an Excel document will show in a bar now shown at the bottom of your page. Simply select the document icon to access your data where you can save this to your machine.

Note: When exporting the results the 'Time on site' measure will be converted to seconds and additional columns will be added confirming the latitude and longitude of the reported location. You will also need to amend the format of the last column to hh:mm.

Printing your results

In order to print your results click on the printer icon also located towards the top right corner of your report results. The printing is controlled by the printing attributes of the web browser you are using, so Internet Explorer will operate slightly differently to Google Chrome. The formatting of the report may also be different.

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