This is a question that is often asked of by your insurance provider after declaring your motor vehicle is now fully installed with a tracking device. The short answer to this question when it comes to your Quartix tracker is no, they are not Thatcham approved and below is some additional information on why we have not looked to gain Thatcham approval.

The main reason for us not seeking Thatcham approval is in the past there were no standard set of formal requirements that tracking systems had to meet. Quartix researched the project and realised that the only condition for approval was that our product simply had to do what we stated it could do. Therefore saw no benefit to either ourselves or our customers from this.

Quartix continually review this area and should this be a process in the future Quartix feel will benefit the company and their customers we will communicate this.

Certificate of installation

Quartix do a lot of work within the insurance sector and for most of our customers we can provide a certificate of installation which you can then pass onto your insurance provider for additional tracker confirmation.

Working with you and the Police should your vehicle be stolen

It is important to note that your Quartix tracking unit is NOT an anti-theft device and as such we do not promote our product in this way. However, due to the nature of being able to track motor vehicles a lot of our features can be used to aid you in locating and in a lot of instances recovering your vehicle(s). We often have cases where we liaise with both the customer and the Police to provide as much information as we can in support of a reported incident.

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