Available under our Infofleet package, FleetCheck fleet management provide a wide range of services and support in helping you manage your fleet efficiently.

One of the key areas FleetCheck offer is the option to record and manage your fuel card information so you can keep track of your fuel amounts and the costs associated with filling your vehicles up.

Where to find your Fuel card report

Your Fuel card report will only be available when taking out our Infofleet package which includes the FleetCheck fleet management option. Once set up your fuel report will be added to the fleet management section online. This can be run using both your user and administration login details.

What information your Fuel card report will show

Below are the key areas which the report covers allowing you to keep tracking of costings and fuel consumption on each vehicle.

  • Fuel consumption (mpg)

  • Quantity (gallons)

  • Net (£)

  • VAT (£)

  • Gross (£)

The data in this report is provided by FleetCheck based on the information you send in to them. The data is then transferred into our servers where we then populate your report, Quartix do not record or manage any of your fuel information and the data on this report is solely populated based on the data you provide FleetCheck with.

FleetCheck will provide you with all the information you need and how to supply them with this data.

Unassigned Vehicles

Vehicles registrations will show alongside your fuel card data on your tracked vehicles only, however FleetCheck offer this service on all vehicles in your fleet tracked or not. The vehicles which are not tracked by Quartix will show on this report as 'Unassigned Vehicle' or something similar.

For more information on how you can integrate FleetCheck into your Quartix package click here.

Queries (UK Only)

If you would like to add this to your package contact our team on enquiries@quartix.net or call them on 01686 806 663.

If your query relates to a data query you can contact FleetCheck direct on support@fleetcheck.co.uk or contact the Quartix support team on support@quartix.net

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