Temperature reporting provides you with temperature data from your fridge and/or load compartments. This additional reporting feature offered by your Quartix tracking unit not only shows you trip information but also allows you to keep an eye on your temperature sensitive load every step of its journey.

What this report will show you

The report will show you the temperature at any stop or ignition off, along with the maximum and minimum reading during each of your vehicle trips. 

Where to access this report

Previously, any reports showing temperature data could be located under the Fleet management section online. However, as from the 27th September 2018 any such reports will now be stored under a section of its own labelled 'Temperature reports'. The report name will reflect the feature it is installed in, for example 'Fridge Temperature Report'. Such reports are accessible when logged in with either your user or administration login details.

Switch between reporting formats

When running the report you will be shown the table view which contains your vehicles trip information along with the temperature data for any stops, ignition off as well as the minimum and maximum reading for each trip. To access more detailed temperature reporting you can switch to a graph view as shown below. The graph provides you with a visual of all of the temperature points and where they lie against your thresholds.

Additional information can be seen when running your cursor over each point and when clicked you will be taken to your route maps which highlights where your selected temperature was recorded.

Customise your own temperature thresholds

To personalise the data to your own needs you can set a minimum and maximum threshold by emailing this information to our Systems Support team. By adding these thresholds, any temperature outside of these will be highlighted on your report for quick and easy reference. The images below show how this will look in the table format as well as the graph format.

Image 1 - Table format

Image 2 - Graph format

Exporting your temperature data from the website

It is possible to export both the tabular report and chart data, so that they can be opened in Microsoft Excel. This is done by selecting the export icon from the control panel found towards the top right of the report.

Exporting from the table will transfer the data into a table very similar to what you see online. Exporting from the chart will list all of the events recorded listing the date/time and the temperature reading alongside.

Viewing and customising your report threshold

You can view the temperature threshold set for the report you are viewing the vehicle in alongside the vehicle description in both the table and graph view, as shown below.

Whilst in the graph format of the this report you also customise the thresholds set just for the session you are in to look at readings between different thresholds for greater control and flexibility. You can do this by clicking on the settings button shown as a cog towards the top right of the report. (Example shown below)

If you wish to change your temperature thresholds permanently please email our Support team for more information.

Printing your temperature data from the website

You can also print both the tabular report and chart data from the website, the printer icon is also located in the same control panel as the export option.

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