If you are currently using the Quartix Driver ID tagging feature you will need to know how to update your tag names in the event of the below circumstances:

  • Driver leaving the company

  • Faulty tag

  • Allocating a tag to a new driver/department

Keeping your tag names up to date will ensure you have an accurate account of when these are applied in your vehicles or when it comes to completing an audit on these across your company.

Updating your Driver ID tags

In order to manage and update your Driver ID tags online you will need to be logged in with your administration login details.

Once logged in select 'Configuration' from your application menu as show below.

Selecting the configuration option from the menu will extend a new list of options in your application menu. (shown below)

From here you will be presented with the complete list of driver tags on your account, run your cursor over the tag number or name of interest. This will then prompt a pencil icon, click on this to edit the tag details.

The 'Search' field option located toward the top right of your driver list will allow you to narrow your search down, simply start typing the tag name assigned or tag number. 

The image above shows that we have selected our tag for update and at this stage it is worth noting the different ways in which these will show.

  • New driver tag (not yet allocated): Any tag which has not been previously allocated will show as a 4 digit code made up of letters and numbers

  • Already allocated tag (driver or dept): Your tag will shown as the name you assigned to it last

Once you have selected your tag for update you will be taken to options relating to your tag and from here you can update this as you wish. The screenshot below shows you the options you can expect to see.

To add your 'Driver Name' simply delete the current name shown and key in your new name. From here you can also assign your tags to groups by clicking on the Group ID 1, 2 and 3 drop box options, when selected these will show you your groups which are available for selection.

Note: You can always reference the short tag id in this screen should you need to cross reference this. This is found under the greyed out option of 'Tag ID', the colour is also listed for additional support.

Live tracking

Under this section you can select a driver icon which will show on your live tracking map when tracking by 'Drivers'.  Select from a range of colours and sizes by clicking on the driver icon image and set your text colour and size based on the colour and size of the icon you select.

Updating the initials field will show the information entered within the icon which shows online for quick reference at a glance. A preview of this will show on your icon when you start typing.

Weekly spreadsheet

When enabled this will generate a weekly report based on the tag usage rather than the standard weekly report which is based on vehicle. By default this is not activated by Quartix however if you have drivers which use multiple vehicle on a regular basis you may wish to enable this report to track their individual activity.

To enable this report click on the 'Enabled' box which will then highlight the previously greyed out options for completion.

  • Time of day to generate report: The time the report will be generated by our systems. Enter the time 15-20 minutes before you would ideally like this report to be received to allow time for this to generate

  • Receive report every: Select the day you would like your reports to be sent every week

  • Email to: Email recipient(s) the report is to be sent to. If you are sending to multiple recipients separate these with a ; between addresses

  • Email Cc: Copied recipients for the report

  • License id: Option to enter your drivers license number

Saving your changes

In order to save you changes to the site click on the 'Update' option located at the bottom the page. This will make the change online immediately and also backdate any tag use with the new drivers name. 

If you wish to exit this screen and not save your changes you can select 'Cancel' which is located alongside the update option or you can select 'Back' or 'Menu' from the control panel on the top bar.

Printing options

The option to print the driver screen is also available should you wish to keep a record of such information. Select the printer icon from the top bar as show above.

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