See what footprint your fleet and vehicle usage leaves on the environment with the Quartix CO2 emissions estimate.

Each vehicles CO2 emissions estimate can be monitored on the 2 reports.

Weekly vehicle report (log)

This emailed report is sent once a week per vehicle and contains your vehicles activity for the previous week. Each vehicle comes with its own usage summary which includes CO2 emissions (kg).

Monthly mileage

If you are looking to report on your CO2 emissions over a longer period of time you can run our 'Monthly mileage' online which, among other data will report on your CO2 emissions. Click on the link above to read more on this report and the fantastic data you can recover from it.

Handy tip

To ensure your CO2 emissions estimate is as accurate as it can be customise each of your vehicles MPG. This will also ensure your fuel consumption estimate figure is as accurate as it can be on your reports. You can customise your MPG using your administration login details and selecting Configuration >  Vehicles - standard details or if running the 'Monthly mileage' you can customise this to what ever figure you like and the data will re-calculate based on your input.

Contact us

If you have any queries on this, or any of the Quartix features contact our Systems Support team who will be happy to help.

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