Yes you can!

Quartix offer a wide range of reports covering many different areas, one of these key areas being vehicle mileage. See below the list of reports which will provide you with mileage data and where to find them.

  • Daily vehicle log: Will report on mileage completed by day for your selected vehicle. This can be accessed from the application menu

  • Trip reporter: Similar to the Daily vehicle logs however this will allow you run your report for a specified period of time (within 12 months) and across multiple vehicles. This can be access by our Infoplus and Infofleet packages via the Trips section online

  • Monthly mileage: This will report on your vehicles monthly mileage and can be run for all vehicles or specific groups. Located online under the Fleet Management section this is a report which is emailed to you after inputting your details

Click on each of the reports above to find out more information on what these essential reports can offer you.

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