The Home location analysis report contains all stop and start times for your selected group of vehicles over a selected date range. The great thing about this report is that it can be sent to you by email in an Excel spreadsheet or generated live on screen. 

Where to find the Home location analysis
The Home location analysis is located under the Fleet Management section online using either your user or administration login details.

Running the report online

The online report will provide you with summary information only on the below areas.

  • Group name: The group for which the report is being run

  • Registration: Registrations of your vehicles

  • Date: Dates within the report

  • First trip started: Time that the first trip of the day started

  • First arrival at home location: The first arrival at the "Home" location

  • Total time at home location: Total time at the "Home" location, if the vehicle returns during the day

  • Last time at home location: Last time that the vehicle was at the "Home" location

  • End of last trip: Time of the end of the vehicles last trip

What is a "Home" location?

The "Home" fields will populate where you have a customised location with a key word that the report will be looking for. Common locations of interest are 'Home', 'Base' and 'Site' however any word could be added as long as you inform our Systems Support team. Following this rule your location may show as 'Bob Smith-HOME' or 'Park Housing-SITE'. Only a single name/rule can be applied for the purpose of reporting.

Printing a copy of the report online

As with the majority of Quartix reports you can print this summary from our website by clicking on the printer icon located as part of the control panel located in the top right of the report. Note: the printing is controlled by the printing attributes of the web browser you are using, so Internet Explorer and Google Chrome will operate slightly differently. The formatting on the report will be different to the one that is emailed.

Exporting the Home location report

When exporting this report from the website you will be provided with the summary information seen online labelled 'At-Base Summary' PLUS additional tabs for each vehicle listing every stop and start time for the period which you have run the report for.

  • Event: Type of event recorded which will be Ignition-Off or a Stop (stopped with ignition on)

  • Grid X: Grid X co-ordinate of the listed location

  • Grid Y: Grid Y co-ordinate of the listed location

  • Location: By default the street name, area and postcode will show here. If you have custom locations these will show if visited

  • Arrival time: Date/Time of arrival at the listed location

  • Departure time: Date/Time of departure from the listed location

  • Time at location: hh:mm between the arrival and departure time

In addition to the above, the Excel report will show you Driver ID information where a tag is applied for each journey and also list the time at location in seconds.

To export the report click on the export icon from the control panel which can be found in the top right of the report.

Opening the exported Excel report

When opening the Summary data spreadsheet you may be prompted with the "Protected View" message and the "Edit Anyway" message. You must click on these to enable editing to display the data correctly.

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