The Daily activity report will provide you with key information on departure and arrival times along with time away from home locations.

How this report can benefit your fleet

The Daily activity report is a measure of the effectiveness of your fleet which may be primarily involved in service calls or activities such as maintenance and installation. In particular this report concentrates on how long your vehicles spend on site.

This report is designed to give you the following key measures - 

  • Start and end of working day

  • Number and duration of on site calls

  • Time spent travelling

Where to find the Daily activity report

You can find this report under the Fleet Management section online when logged in with either your user or administration login details.

Running the Daily activity report

The areas this report will cover are shown in the below screenshot taken from the header of the report.

  • Valid days: This is a valid working day based on set criteria

  • Depart home (average): Average Home Departure

  • First site arrival (average): Average time of first arrival on site

  • Last site departure (average): Average time of latest departure from site

  • Return home (average): Average home arrival time

  • Time away from home (average): Time away from home location during the day

  • Time on site (average): Time on site for the day

  • Travel time (average): Average travel time for the day

  • Number of site visits (average): Average number of site visits

  • Distance (average-miles): Average distance travelled

When populated with data your report will look similar to the below.

Break down multiple days

Where you have vehicles which have multiple valid days you have the option to drill down on each day by clicking the '+' symbol next to the vehicle registration, as shown below. When selected this will display the individual valid days data.

When the data is expanded, the '+' symbol changes to a '-' symbol. Clicking on this will hide the details information for all valid days.

Printing the Daily activity report

Why not print a copy of this report for your records. The print option is available on control bar at the top of the report.

Simply select printer icon to progress to the print preview and your printing settings.

Exporting the Daily activity report

To export a copy of the data into an Excel document simply select the export icon located in the same panel as the 'Print' option located at the top right of the report. (Image shown above)

Once selected, a pop up will appear at the bottom of your screen showing you the exported document in a Excel document image. Simply double click this to access the data.

By default, the report will open in Excel and in protected view. To enable the data simply select the option on the yellow bar. The data can then be reformatted as desired and saved as a spreadsheet.

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