Our Monthly mileage allows you to view the mileage recorded for each vehicle for a month and then break this down by day and more.

This report also includes the groups that each vehicles are allocated to and how much they have been used over the month, along with the odometer estimate figures for each vehicle.

Where to find the Monthly mileage report

This report can be accessed online using both your user and administration login details and is located under the Fleet management section.

Running the Monthly mileage

When you first select the report you will be shown the Quartix selection screen.

From here you can run the report for 'All Groups/Vehicles' or select a specific group from the drop box option.

You can select 'Last Month' as a quick selection or use the calendar to select a month end date from the last 12 months of data stored online. Click OK to start the process.

Clicking OK will prompt a brief message advising you your report will take a short time to populate the results. Once the website has run the report this will show on a bar at the bottom of your page where the results can be accessed in Excel. 

What information you can expect to see

Once you have opened your Monthly mileage you will have access to a range of information relating to your fleet in a single report. Below are some more details on each area and how this will look on your report.

Note: The document will initially open in protected view which may effect the way some of the data is shown, to enable the content click 'Enable Editing' on the yellow bar.

This section contains information about your vehicles. Listing each registration, description and the groups they are allocated to.

Here you will be able to see usage information for each vehicle for the selected month.

Odometer information

This section will provide you with information on each odometer reading recorded for your vehicles, the date this reading was taken, and whether it is in miles or kilometres.

In addition to the above, each vehicles estimated closing mileage will also be recorded for reference.

Daily distances

Each day in the month will broken down to show you the distance covered by day.

If there is no information then the vehicle was not used on that date and no distance information was recorded.

And there is more...…

In addition to the areas listed above you can also see what impact your vehicles have had on the environment with the CO2 emissions calculator in column 'P'.

This estimated figure is based on your 'Estimated consumption' or MPG figure being correctly entered for each of your vehicles. You can update this for each vehicle online using your administration access details which will save this permanently for the report in the future or you can free type your mpg figure in column 'N' of this report and the CO2 Emissions (kg) figure will update on the report.

MPG for all newly installed vehicles to the Quartix is set at 25 mpg by default.

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