The Quartix Weekly timesheet will provide you with the start and end information for your vehicles broken down by vehicle or day over a specified week.

This report will show you both the arrival and departure from any named/customised locations you have stored on your account alongside the first and
last non-customised location.

Where to find the Weekly timesheet

The Weekly timesheet can be run using both your user and administration login details and can be located under the Trips section from your application menu online.

Running the Weekly timesheet

When you first access the report you will be shown the above Quartix search panel where you have the option to run this report across all vehicles and groups or by a specified group using the 'Group' drop box. You also have the option to include your vehicles mileage and the option to run the report based on 'vehicle' or by 'day'.

When you are happy with your search criteria and clicked okay you will be shown the data in a table format. How the report will look in its entirety is shown earlier in this article.

To show you the report in more detail I have split the report in 2. The first (below) half shows the data based on named/customised location.

The second half (below) shows the data for arrival/departure from non named locations.

Below is additional information on each area that the Weekly timesheet reports data on.

  • Registration/day: Depending on the filter applied this will be the vehicle registration or day of the week

  • Description/date: Depending on the filter applied this will be the vehicle description or the date

  • Arrival at first named location: Time of Ignition Off at the first named/customised location

  • First named location: Named/Customised location the Ignition off was detected

  • Departure from last named location: Time of the last Ignition On at a named/customised location

  • Last named location: Named/Customised location the last ignition on was detected

  • Shift time: The total time between the first ignition on and the last ignition off

  • Arrival at first location: Arrival time at first location

  • First location: Address (or customised location) of the first arrival (Ignition Off)

  • Departure from last location: Departure time of last trip (Ignition On)

  • Last location: Address (or customised location) of the Ignition on for the last trip

  • Shift time: The time between the arrival at the first location and departure from the last location (Ignition Off and On)

  • Mileage (optional): The total mileage, either for the date or the vehicle, depending on the 'group by' setting

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