The Monthly utilisation is one of Quartix's long standing reports, providing you with summary information along with utilisation and mileage data.

This report is a useful tool in analysing whether you are getting the most benefit out of your vehicles within your fleet as it will allow you to see over and under-utilised vehicles.

Where to find the Monthly utilisation report
You can access this report when logged in as either a user or administrator and clicking on the Trips section from your application menu.

A Quartix report with a difference
When selecting this report online you will be asked for your email address, once entered the report will be emailed direct rather than populate online like other reports. This is due to the report being around 3MB. Note: Before generating, check to see if your email has any size restrictions on inbound e-mails as this may prevent the report coming through to you

Where is the report sent from?
The report will be emailed from support@quartix.net with the email subject listed as 'Monthly utilisation - [Group Name and Date].

What you can expect from the Monthly utilisation
The report is emailed to you as an Excel attachment allowing you to reformat the data to suit your needs. The Monthly utilisation contains a variety of tabs, additional information on these is listed below.

Utilisation Summary

This tab (shown above) will show each of your vehicles utilisation for the month breaking down each individual vehicles daily and monthly totals along with your monthly total across all of your vehicles the report has been run for.

Mileage Summary

The mileage summary tab shows you the number of trips that each vehicle made for each day of the month and the total mileage for each day. It also shows totals for the number of trips, mileage and the number of days the vehicle was used.

Utilisation charts

This tab will contain a graphical representation of the utilisation and mileage summary tabs.

Vehicle registration

Alongside the 3 tabs covered above there will be a tab for each vehicle registration which the Monthly Summary report has been run for. Each vehicle tab will allow you to define various settings such as 'Overall Shift Duration', 'Break Time Per Shift' and 'Double Shift Threshold'. You can also define each vehicles MPG for an estimate on gallons/litres of fuel used.

Additional help & support - calculation options
There are various tip boxes available on this report that will provide you with key information on the data and what changes can be made to it. These are available whenever the red triangle is visible (shown below).

Simply hold your cursor over them to prompt additional information.

Why are only 25 vehicles showing on my report?

Due to the amount of data being reported on each individual vehicle the report is currently limited to 25 vehicles. Where you already have groups set up on your account you can run this report by group (25 vehicles or under). If you do not currently have groups please contact our Systems Support team to discuss your options on adding new groups for the purpose of running this report across your whole fleet.

Not received the spreadsheet?

As referenced above the size of the email can often mean this is blocked by IT servers without notice, if not the size then the many formulas and macros can also prevent servers allowing such emails/attachments through. Check with your IT team to ensure this is not being held anywhere, if it is they will need to release this to allow you access in your email folders.

Junk/spam folders

Check all of your email folders for any missing emails from Quartix as if they do make it through your servers they may filter into these folders without notice.

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