The Out of hours report provides the mileage information that is recorded by the Quartix unit outside of any defined hours.

Applying your defined hours/monitoring period

To set your hours you will need to be logged on with your administration login details and select Configuration > Vehicles - privacy details. Each vehicle will require updating individually and when selected you will see the below options.

For the purpose of reporting on out of hours mileage and ensuring tracking data is recorded 24/7 leave the monitoring mode as 'Standard - 24 hour monitoring', which is the defaulted option. Using the drop box options apply your defined working hours as you require.

**Note: You can also run the report based on the 'Privacy-defined working hours only' if you have this mode selected for the purposes of only recording business trips only

Running your Out of hours

Once you have set your hours you can now run this report to recover your mileage information. This report can be located under the 'Fleet Management' section from your application menu. When selected you will be presented with the Quartix search section shown below.

  • Group: Select the group of vehicles you wish to run the report for

  • Vehicle: Select either all of the vehicles within the group or a specific vehicle

  • Week ending (date): "Last Sunday" is available as a popular option, or you can select a different end day for the week with the calendar controls

To run the report click 'View out of hours', your data will show on screen similar to the below and list the mileage completed outside of your specified hours.

One of the fantastic features of this report is that it will back fill data on any hours set so if you wanted to run it again over a different monitoring period simply remove your previous hours and enter some more.

If a day or date is not showing on your report, it is because the system has not found any mileage information within the "out of hours" time period.

Printing the report

You can print the report from our website by clicking on the printer icon located in the control panel shown towards the top right of the report.

Exporting the data

The data from this report can also be exported directly from the site into a CSV file. To do this, simply click on the export icon which is also located in the control panel shown above.

The Excel based report will show on a bar located at the bottom the page, click the below icon to access the report details.

The report will open in protected view which may restrict some of the data showing, to enable editing select this option from the yellow bar at the top of the report.

Schedule your Out of hours report to be emailed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Set your Out of hours to be automatically emailed to you or multiple recipients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Scheduling this allows you greater flexibility and reporting on your fleet so you can integrate this as part of your daily, weekly or monthly fleet review.

Using your administration access details you can schedule and manage this, and many more Quartix reports online giving you greater control of your Quartix system.

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