Quartix recognise that the speed of a vehicle is a contributory factor in many accidents. Data shows that travelling too fast for the conditions is as much or more of a risk factor in accidents as exceeding the speed limit. Although the appropriate speed varies according to weather and traffic conditions it is assumed that most drivers travel at an appropriate speed for any particular section of road.

What your driver speeds are compared against

The Quartix Safe Speed database records more than 30 million data points each day from 100,000 experienced drivers then matches these against more than 2 million sections of the UK road network. Your drivers speed is compared against others which have travelled the same section of road.

Where to find this data on your vehicles/drivers

You can access speed data via live tracking for real-time comparison or if looking back over your current or previous day(s) under the Driving Style section online and then select Daily Driver Briefing. This can be generated when logging in with both your user and administration access details.

See how your driver speeds compares live

By using the Quartix 'Live Tracking' feature you can see how your vehicles speed compares against that of other speeds recorded for that section of road in real-time.

Daily Speed Report

Forming part of your vehicle or drivers driving style the speed report provides you with an overview of the daily speeds completed, comparing these against our Road Speed Database and also the speed limit applicable for the section of road travelled. Instances where each area is exceeded is colour coded for easy and quick reference.

Locate where each speed was recorded

For additional information each speed bar will provide you with the time, speed, relative speed percentile, the road speed and also the highest percentile recorded for section of road. (shown below)

By clicking on each bar you can also see where the speed was recorded to provide you with a better understanding of the road and surrounding area.

Creating a speed profile and assigning a 'Relative Speed Score'

For each speed that Quartix measures, it is scored against the speed of other drivers on the same section and by calculating these over the course of a vehicle/drivers day we are able to assign an overall score.

Additional information on our Safe Speed Database can be found on our Youtube channel where our Director Andy Walters explains more. Click on the below image to access this video.

For more information on how we calculate your 'Relative Speed Score' click on this link.

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