Our trip reporter feature has been extended to allow you to decide if trips are business or private miles. This allows greater flexibility as it will allow you and your drivers to manually classify trips after they have happened, instead of letting the system do this automatically through the use of Driver ID tags.

Enabling override trip classification for all users

To enable this feature for all users with access to the trip reporter online you will first need to activate it using your administration login details. Simply select 'Configuration' option from the main menu, followed by the 'Company' option.

From here, tick the 'Can override trip classification' box located at the bottom of the page and click 'Update' to save. This will then enable all users to then classify trips as business and private.

Note: You can also determine how all trips are classified using the 'By default trips are' drop box. This will be set to business by default.

Enabling override trip classification for individual users

As an administrator you can decide which users have the ability to update and classify trips online. In order to do this select the Configuration option from your main menu and then click on 'Users'. Click on each username to edit and select the pencil icon.

To enable this feature click on the 'Can override trip classification' box located under the setting section as shown below

Once updated scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Update'.

Editing trip classification/defining business and private using trip reporter

Trip reporter can be found under the 'Trips' section from the main menu. In this example we will group the report by vehicle, the same steps will be applicable when grouping by 'Driver' and by 'Day'. Once you have entered your report criteria you will be shown a summary of each vehicle you have requested. Click on each vehicle to extend to the trip information.

Each trip will have a distance in miles logged under the column headed 'Distance (miles)' and alongside each entry will list the default trip classification previously applied. In this example the default is business. Under each of these entries is a switch which when clicked changes the classification of that trip and in turn will update the 'Totals' at the bottom of the report.

Saving your updates

Any updates you make will save automatically for both the purposes of exporting the data into Excel/CSV and also when exiting the report.

This feature makes it perfect for allowing your drivers access to this report to look back over the day, week or month and classify each of their trips ready for review by payroll or their line manager.

To cancel any changes made simply reverse any clicks made on each trip.

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