Where to find this report

The Vehicle registration/service date report can be found online under the Fleet management section from your menu. This can be access when logged in with both your user and administration access details.

What will this report show you?

This online report is ideal for keeping track of your vehicle management data such as garage visits, service dates, insurance and tax renewal dates, and customised milestones which may be important to you that is not applicable to a standard vehicle requirement. This report will show you an ongoing odometer estimates which are updated weekly along with alerts on any upcoming and/or past milestones.

Inputting and managing your data

You can populate your vehicle information online using your administration login details from either in the report directly or your configuration option from the main menu and selecting 'Vehicles' from the extended menu where you can select each vehicle for update. Click on either the vehicle description or vehicle plate to prompt 3 additional icons and from these select the 'Edit vehicle' option shown as the pencil icon. Note: In order to populate the data directly from the report at least one area must be already added for each vehicle. If they are available for selection these vehicles will show in bold.

Above is an image of how the vehicles management section looks online from the 'Edit vehicle' section.

Alerting you of upcoming and overdue milestones

Any dates or odometer readings which are approaching or overdue will be highlighted on this report and also each of your emailed weekly vehicle logs summary page.

For dates, at one month previous to the threshold date, the reading will change to orange. Past the date will change to red. This ensures any vehicles approaching or past stand out for you to address or update.

For odometer readings approaching within 1000 miles of the figure entered it will change to orange and past the figure will change to red.

Exporting the report for your records or to send on as an attachment

Once you have generated the report online you can also export it into an Excel file allowing you to print a hard copy, save it locally to your machine or send this onto someone who may not have or need Quartix access.

To export this simply select the icon shown below which can be found towards the top wight corner of the report when run.

Printing the report for your records

You can print this report from our website by clicking on the printer icon from the control panel located towards the top right of the report.

When printing please note the printing of the document is controlled by the printing attributes of the web browser you are using, so Internet explorer and Google Chrome will operate slightly differently.

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