For customers who monitor their temperature sensitive cargo using temperature probes connected through the Quartix device you can now monitor this vitally important data as part of your live tracking experience.

How to see your temperature data online

This new addition is a toggle feature which is automatically added to your Live tracking settings when you have a vehicle installed with temperature probe equipment through Quartix.

This is shown as 'Temperature (°C)'. In the above example it is switched off and to switch it on click on the toggle so it switched to the right showing a black base colour as the 'Traffic' option shows higher up the menu list.

When activated you will see the below update to your live tracking map for all vehicles capable of reporting temperature data. Your view may vary to the one below dependent on your display table settings.

The temperature will show for each probe installed and show you the last temperature value on the vehicle icon shown on the map as well as add a new column entry in your vehicle table headed 'Temperature'.

Above shows the icon and temperature values as they appear on the live tracking map. Below shows the table entry added when this feature is activated.

You will also notice a new icon appears alongside the 'Search' field of a thermometer and a warning sign. When selected this will filter on all vehicles reporting an out of range temperature reading, when selected again this will return the view to all vehicles/readings.

Viewing out of range temperature values

As referred to above, when you click on the below icon it will switch your view between 'show all' and those reporting outside of your specified temperature range for easy reference.

Temperatures exceeding the high threshold value will show in red and temperatures falling below the lowest threshold will show in blue as shown in the example below. Values within the threshold values will show in green.

These threshold values will also show on the vehicle icon which will help those who may not have the vehicles table active under their live tracking map for quick and easy identification.

For additional information including a reminder of the threshold set you can run your cursor over each temperature which will list the last value reported, the name of the feature it is reporting on and also the threshold values.

In the above example the feature being reported on is the fridge, the last temperature reading was 7.8°C and the threshold for the fridge is set between 3°C and 7.5°C.

Temperature reading cannot be obtained

Where a temperature reading cannot be obtained the below icon will be displayed in the vehicles table and also on the vehicle icon.

The cause of this could be down to a number of factors such as probe swap/new install which may have taken place and it has not yet been updated by our Support team or the probe as been disconnected. If this has not been caused by any of your own updates/changes to the probes or temperature compartments please contact our Support team who can look into any reported instances further.

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