A new addition to your fleet management reporting, the Battery status report can be run online by group and will list the latest voltage of your vehicles battery at a rest state (ignition off) recorded by your Quartix tracing device as well as the last 2 months worth of readings.

Where to find your Battery status report

The report can be accessed and run by a standard user and/or administrator and can be found under the Fleet management section from your main menu.

Running the Battery status

When selecting the report from the Fleet management section you will be able to make your selection by group from the drop box shown below.

To run the report click on the green box labelled as 'View battery status'. When selected this will list all of your vehicles installed with a compatible Quartix device along with the date and time of the last voltage recorded, the voltage recorded and also an image of a battery which provides a visual display of the battery status which is based on customised thresholds.

To customise the voltage threshold simply click on the settings icon (cog) shown towards the top right of the report (highlighted below). The threshold set is only for the session you are in and applies to the report as whole and not each individual vehicle at the moment.

The threshold set here will change how the battery icon shows in terms of battery drain. This will also be the threshold applied when you enter further into the report for each vehicle.

Accessing each vehicles battery voltage activity

To view each vehicle's information in more detail and to access up to the last 2 months worth of readings simply click on either the 'Vehicle', 'Registration number' or the battery icon image which will take you to a graph similar to the below.

The graph for each vehicle will show your thresholds which you will have set on the report summary page and the voltage reading. Each reading will be shown as a solid green dot which you can run your cursor over for more information. An example of this additional information is shown below.

In the above reading it shows the voltage as 13.0v recorded on the 25/12/2020.

Printing your Battery Status

As with almost all of your Quartix reporting you can print a copy of this report for your records by clicking on the printer icon located towards the top right of the report on both the summary page and the graphical display.

Vehicle(s) not showing? Are your tracking devices compatible?

The recording of battery voltage by Quartix is a recent development and as a result is only recorded by our most recent models which include our TCSV11 (hardwired and Connect and Track units) and our Plug and Track devices. If you have any queries on any vehicles not showing you can contact our Support team who can look at your Quartix devices to confirm and where required refer your details on for a possible upgrade.

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