As a Quartix administrator you can delete any unwanted polygons from your Geofence listings. The ability to manage this online allows for greater flexibility and also ensures you can keep your polygons list relevant and tidy at the same time.

It is common over time that a geofenced area may evolve and may require you to edit it them to ensure they remain accurate to your requirements. Each time you edit a polygon area this creates a version which is stamped with a date and time for easy reference. You can now remove any historic versions using this feature leaving only the current one for the avoidance of any confusion or, you may simply of created one in error. Either way this quick and easy walk through will show you how to delete your Geofence polygons online

Viewing your Geofence areas

You can view all of your saved Geofence polygons online when using your administration login details and selecting 'Configuration' from the main menu and then 'Geofence' from the drop menu shown.

Note: The Quartix Geofence feature is only available on our Infoplus and Infofleet package. Dependent on your package the above menu options may vary

Identifying which Geofence polygons can be deleted

Polygon versions marked with a green arrow indicate the version is being used for alerting and CANNOT be deleted online at this time. If you wish to delete any that are used for alerting or change the version being used please email our Support team with your request so they can make further alterations to the alert set up.

Those not marked with a green arrow will be available for deletion online.

Deleting your Geofence Polygon online

To delete an entire polygon and all of its versions (where applicable) simply click on tick box shown to the left of the description. You can click multiple where required.

In the example above I have selected the polygon description 'Steve - Newtown Test' which only has a single version. Once a selection has been made a trash can icon will show towards the top right of the page alongside the search box, click this to delete. Once selected a prompt will appear asking you to confirm your request, as shown below.

Select the 'Delete' option to proceed with the deletion. The page will take a moment to process your request and then refresh before returning you to your list with your selection(s) now removed.

Deleting a version no longer used or required

A new version of a polygon is created online whenever an original is edit in anyway and saved. Each time this is done a version is date and time stamped as shown below.

Such updates to polygons are not always intended and can make your list look untidy. To delete any of the listed versions with the exception of those highlighted with a green arrow simply run your cursor over the top of it which will prompt additional icons for selection.

Click on the trash can (shown above) to delete the selected version. A confirmation prompt is NOT shown when deleting versions so be sure to check and confirm you are deleting the correct one otherwise you will have to re-draw/amend the polygon online as these cannot be recovered once deleted.

To view the version you are selecting click on the icon shown as an eye which will then show you the polygon on the map so you can be sure you are deleting the correct one.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or queries around this, or any of our features then please reach out to our Support team via online chat, email or over the phone and our team will be happy to help.

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